The End of Christianity?

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ohn W. Loftus is the author of the book Why I Became an Atheist: A Former Preacher Rejects Christianity. He is a scholar who has, in his own words, “pretty much the equivalent of a Ph. D”. Loftus will be the guest speaker at the Minnesota Atheists Monthly Members Meeting at Southdale Library on Sunday, May 15th at 1pm.

The End of Christianity: Is it a dream? Is it wishful thinking on the part of atheists? The religion is irrational in its premise, overbearing in its execution and intrusive in our lives. Why does it continue to maintain such a strong presence in our lives, thoughts and civilization? Loftus edited the book The Christian Delusion: Why Faith Fails, published in March, 2010, with contributions from Hector Avalos, Richard Carrier, David Ellers, Valerie Talerico, and others. The follow-up to this book is nearly finished and is due to be published in July of this year.

The End of Christianity does not mean that we expect the religion to disappear and become a historical curiosity. Perhaps it will lose its place of privilege as more people start to examine rationally the roots of their own religious beliefs. The End of Christianity examines Christianity from an outsider’s perspective with some great new articles.

Loftus is an engaging speaker and has a unique story to tell. He has studied apologetics under the celebrated William Lane Craig, he has taught apologetics and biblical studies, he has researched theology and mythology, and as an atheist, he has faced many apologists in debate. Loftus developed the “Outsider Test For Faith,” challenging Christians to look at their beliefs without faith to determine if they are rational. He accepts the label “militant” because in his experience he has learned that Christians are not always led to clarity through philosophical debate. Sometimes you just gotta go after them and set them off balance, and just being nice doesn’t always do the trick.

Loftus will be selling (*) autographed copies of his books to help pay for his tour of the Upper Midwest, so please take the opportunity to join the Minnesota Atheists for our monthly meeting to meet and have an intelligent discussion with one of the more prominent atheist barnstormers in the United States.  

(*NOTE: Loftus will likely not have any books available for sale at his speaking event but they may be available at your local Barnes & Noble store.)

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