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By Steve Petersen

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Our radio program is live every Sunday morning from 9:00 to 10:00 from the KTNF studios in Eden Prairie on AM 950. Minnesota Atheists is the producer and the Director is Mike Haubrich. Hosts include Mike Haubrich and Scott Lohman. Original music is composed, played and recorded by Brent Michael Davids. Live steaming is available on our web page The six month cost is $5,320.00, each donation to support the program is greatly appreciated. To donate, just send in a donation to our post office box, or donate online at,com_ civicrm/Itemid,55. All past programs can be accessed via web page.

Program #113 “Day of Prayer or Day of Reason. May 1, 2011: Geroge Kane interviewed Sandhya Bathija, the Communications Associate with Americans United for Separation of Church and State. George and Sandhya discussed both the National Day of Prayer and the secular alternative, The National Day of Reason. In addition they discussed the issues of current interest regarding state and church separation. Mike Haubrich hosted.

Program #114 “Rock Beyond Belief: Sgt. Justin Griffith” May 8, 2011: The brass at Fort Bragg, the largest Army fort in the US, supported a Christian rock event called “Rock the Fort.” This overtly religious production outraged Sgt. Griffith, who in response followed proper protocol to organize an event “for the rest of us” called Rock Beyond Belief. As you might imagine even though Sgt. Griffith did everything by the book, when push came to shove, his counter-event was shoved out of the fort by the commanding brass.  However, Sgt. Griffith has not given up. He is adapting, and pressing forward to achieve equal treatment for the non-religious in the foxholes equal to the treatment of religious soldiers. Sgt. Griffith was interviewed by Mike Haubrich, Steve Petersen, hosted.

Program #115 “The Nature of Existence: with Roger Nygard” May 15, 2011: Roger Nygard produced the film The Nature of Existence in order to find the best answers that religion and philosophy can provide to answer age-old questions: “Is  there a reason that we are here on Earth at this time? Is there a Grand Purpose to life? How can we know the answer, and if we do find the answer, what can we do in order to fulfill this grand purpose?” Scott Lohman conducted the interview and Mike Haubrich hosted.

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