Rapture and Debaptism Party: Saturday, October 22

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Poster for party featuring a skull and bright colors.

Remember May 21st, 1988, when the ground quaked, planes fell from the sky, flames roared over the Earth, and heathens repented in their last remaining seconds?

Er, wait . . .

No, it was September 7th, 1994 when virulent outbreaks devastated entire populations, continents were swallowed by the oceans, trumpets sounded,

Um . . .

Okay, it was May 21st, 2011, when boils . . .


Well, this time Harold Camping is sure. The Family Radio host who made those previous judgment day predictions now has October 21st, 2011 pencilled in on his calendar as the “real” rapture. Will the fourth time be the charm? We’re betting against.

Last May we had a such a great post-doomsday blast with our Blasphemer’s Ball that we couldn’t resist the chance to do it again. So come celebrate the day after with fellow atheists, heathens, and curious left-behinders at The Rapture II: We’re Still Here on Saturday, October 22nd at 8 p.m. at the 400 Bar in Minneapolis. Get your advance tickets for $8.00 for this party for atheists 18 and older online by clicking HERE

Tickets purchased at the door will be $10.00. Part of the proceeds will go to Minnesota Atheists to the fund of their choosing, so come have some unholy fun and benefit your favorite non-profit at the same time.

Acts include:

The Minneapolis Burlesque and Cabaret Social Club

Valley Meadows
Robots from the Future
Madame Love Dog, and
I Am Fuzz

And that’s not all! For those who have been baptized without their consent, (or even if you haven’t been baptized and just want to celebrate reason with a debaptism) Eric Jayne will be rectifying the situation with a debaptism ceremony with the help of The Hairdryer of Reason. Each debaptism participant will be given a FREE certificate of debaptism as proof of their non-religious status.

And for those who have been circumcised without your consent . . . well, you have our condolences.

This is truly a four times-in-a-lifetime (and counting) event! Don’t miss it!

See our Meetup site to RSVP and for more information!

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