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Nominations for the Minnesota Atheists board of directors will occur during the business portion of our January 15th, 2012 meeting.  Elections will be held during the business portion of our February 19th, 2012 meeting.  

Nominations will open and close at the January 15th meeting.  We will publish candidates’ statements in our February 2012 newsletter.

There are nine positions to fill, elected in the following order: President, Associate President, Chair, Associate Chair, Treasurer, Secretary, and three Directors-at-Large. Our bylaws provide that anyone who runs for one position and loses may run again for any other position that has not yet been elected.

Some incumbents will be running for reelection but it is important to remember that all seats are technically open. All terms are for one year. Now is your chance to step forward and help guide Minnesota Atheists!

Candidates for all but the three director-at-large positions must have been dues-paying members of Minnesota Atheists for at least one year as of the time they assume office on March 1st, 2012. Candidates for the three director-at-large positions must have been dues-paying members for at least six months.

To run for office, you must be nominated by another Minnesota Atheists member. You cannot nominate yourself. (It’s usually not too hard to find someone else at the January meeting to nominate you.)  

You need not be present to be nominated (or elected). If you wish to nominate someone who will not be at the January 15th meeting, please check beforehand to make sure that person is willing to serve if elected.

Nominees should send candidate’s statements of up to 150 words to the newsletter editor, James Zimmerman (editor@mnatheists.org), by January 20th, 2012. We would also like to have a jpeg headshot of each candidate.

For more information about nominations, elections, or holding office, contact any board member. For information about publishing your candidate’s statement or photo, contact the editor, James Zimmerman, at editor@mnatheists.org

It is only with your support that we can have a successful organization!

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