Twin Cities Billboard Project Under Way

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Billboard graphic with photo of baby and text, "We are all born without belief in gods. Learn how to be a born-again atheist."

American Atheists is helping Minnesota Atheists finance the two billboards that were recently revealed. One is in the warehouse district on North Washington Ave. (near 10th Ave. North) in Minneapolis and the other is on University Ave. (near Lexington Ave.) in St. Paul.

Even though the billboards are up, they’re not fully paid for with donations. Our General Fund is making up the difference but it would be great to save that money for other efforts. Please consider donating to the billboard fund.  If there is any money left in the Billboard Fund after we have collected enough money it will either be invested in future billboards or be moved to our General Fund.

Graphic of billboard with photo of baby and text "Please don't indoctrinate me with religion. Teach me to think for myself."

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