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Dear Listener: 

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We hope that you are enjoying Atheist Talk Radio each week, whether live over the air, on internet simulcast, or as a podcast on our web site. To date, we have produced 156 programs on issues of importance to atheists and the public at large. The reason we produce this program is simple: if we, as atheists, do not control our message to the general public, no one else will speak for us. Programs cover atheism, science, state church separation, Humanism and other topics of interest. We present atheists’ views to the public in a manner that is respectful, informative and diverse.

This program costs $5,330.00 every six months. We sell a few ads, but most of our costs are covered by supporter donations. The program is broadcast live on AM950 KTNF, but most of our listeners follow our podcasts. Our number one download was the program broadcast from the Minnesota State Fair, “All About Atheism,” that had over 21,000 downloads. Next most downloaded was the very first program we did, with Richard Dawkins, at 13,000. Within two to three weeks of production, every program has between 1,000 to 2,000 downloads.

The roll call of guests includes atheist scholars Richard Dawkins and Dr. Hector Avalos; Foxhole Atheists; scientists Neil deGrasse Tyson, PZ Myers, Ira Flatow, and Greg Laden; science artists Lynn Fellman and Glendon Mellow; separation of state and church advocates Theresa Nelson from ACLU, Americans United staffers Rob Boston and Sandhya Bathija, and Monica Meyer from Outreach Minnesota; bloggers Donald Prothero, Jamila Bey and Greta Christina; Matthew David Chapman, writer, director and co-producer of “The Ledge;” and “Mr. Deity,” Brian Dalton. Each of our programs focuses on a person, issue or event of interest to atheists. Volunteers handle all aspects of Atheists Talk Radio. Our producers, interviewers and guests appear as a public service.

We are asking your help to keep this programming on the air. Any donation amount is appreciated. You can indicate your level of support by printing this article and filling in one of the blanks below, then mailing it off with your check to:

Minnesota Atheists
P.O. Box 120304
New Brighton, Minnesota 55112

(Phone: 612-588-7031)

Or make a donation ONLINE.


Radio Fundraising Committee,
George Kane, nup@Minn.net,
Steve Petersen, spetersen175@gmail.com

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