Play Ball and Enjoy 20 Hits with the Atheists!

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By Eric Jayne

Photo of billboard advertising convention and game.

Many will be coming to the Twin Cities in a few weeks to play ball with the atheists!

It appears that there will be at least 70 atheists at Midway Stadium on August 10th rooting on the Mr. Paul Aints—which is what the team will be renamed that night—and cheering for American Atheists President Dave Silverman as he delivers the first ceremonial pitch of the game.

The name change is a light-hearted way to captivate and represent our community.

The player worn jerseys will be auctioned off at the end of the game and some of the proceeds will go to the charitable Volunteers Beyond Belief.

The following day we’ll gather at the Double Tree Hotel in lovely downtown St. Paul and listen to a stellar line up of great speakers including Hector Avalos, Robert Price, Ayanna Watson, PZ Myers, Teresa MacBain, Dave Silverman, Jessica Ahlquist, and Andy Thomson.

The evening will conclude by getting our spirits high with a pub crawl in downtown St. Paul.  

If you have a long drive and you’re looking for some good tunes to listen to on the way to St. Paul, or if you just want to celebrate the mood of the weekend, I have included a list of 20 apropos songs. Half of the songs celebrate baseball and half celebrate freethinking atheism. They are listed below in an alternating fashion. You may notice that Wilco has two entries—one is a baseball song, and the other, “One Sunday Morning,” is one that I consider to be among my favorite, most thoughtful songs ever. Enjoy these “hits”…

  1.     CenterfieldJohn Fogerty
  2.     And When I DieBlood, Sweat & Tears
  3.     A Dying Cub Fan’s Last Request Steve Goodman
  4.     Dear GodXTC
  5.     Joe DiMaggio Done it AgainWilco
  6.     Hard Believer First Aid Kit
  7.     1976Baseball Project
  8.     The Only Way (Hymn)Emerson, Lake & Palmer
  9.     CatfishBob Dylan
  10.     ImagineJohn Lennon
  11.     Talkin’ BaseballTerry Cashman
  12.     East Jesus NowhereGreen Day
  13.     TessieDropkick Murphys
  14.     One Sunday MorningWilco
  15.     Baseball Card LoverRockin’ Ritchie Ray
  16.     Four WindsBright Eyes
  17.     Glory DaysBruce Springsteen
  18.     One Foot Fun
  19.     The GreatestKenny Rogers
  20.     Rational Response Greydon Square
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