Mr. Paul Aints and Regional Atheist Conference Thank Yous

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Photo of billboard advertising convention and game.

It takes many people to pull off two successful back-to-back events like we did. Minnesota Atheists would like to thank the following people for their help with our Mr. Paul Aints baseball game and Regional Atheist Conference. So, thank you to:

Photo of people in bleachers at the Aints game.

Eric Jayne for being the main organizer of the Aints game, the Aints tailgate party, the Aints jerseys, and the post-conference pub crawl. Also for help with the conference, especially choosing the hotel and meals.

August Berkshire for being the main organizer for the conference, including selecting and inviting the speakers, creating most of the promotional material, and for transporting speakers and American Atheists personnel to and from the airport. Also, for help with the Aints game, especially for coming up with the name “Mr. Paul Aints.”

St. Paul Saints management for reaching out to Minnesota Atheists and for not backing down in the face of withering criticism. Also for coming up with the catch phrase “A Night of Unbelievable Fun.”

Steve Petersen, Shirley Moll, George Kane, Grant Hermanson, Heather Hegi, and August Berkshire for working intense hours on a massive promotional mailing.

Eric Jayne, August Berkshire, and Brianne Bilyeu for the Atheists Talk radio show promoting the Aints game and Stephanie Zvan for interviewing Jessica Ahlquist the day after the conference.

Chris Matthews for setting up on-line sales for custom Aints jerseys.

Rick Rohrer for paying for the tailgating space outside the stadium. Everyone who brought food, drinks, and cooking supplies for the Aints tailgate party, especially Eric Jayne and Bill Lehto.

Everyone who handed out fans and literature at the gate, especially Caroline Brunner, Josh Brouse, Bill Lehto, Eric Jayne, August Berkshire, and Ayanna Watson.

Caroline Brunner for researching giveaway items for the Aints game and for printing programs and greeting people at the conference.

Steve Petersen and Shirley Moll for transporting speakers to and from the airport and for taking Robert Price to his favorite Minnesota restaurant: Famous Dave’s.

Rhonda LeSage for bringing conference speakers to the Aints game.

The Doubletree Hotel for working well with us on the conference, including extending the sleeping room deadline, taking food orders up to the last minute, adding tables at the last minute, and checking with us frequently on the day of the conference to make sure everything was to our satisfaction.

Photo of volunteers at the convention.

Eric Jayne, Heather Hegi, and August Berkshire for giving the Minnesota Atheists welcome at the conference.

Eric Jayne for emceeing the conference and Sarah Maddox, Brianne Bilyeu, Stephanie Zvan, Scott Lohman, and August Berkshire for introducing the speakers.

Rachel Wilson for selling over $750 of books and t-shirts. Bill Lehto for providing copies of Atheist Voices of Minnesota.

Richard Trombley for taking photos of the Aints game and conference for our newsletter and websites. James Zimmerman for being our newsletter editor and compiling and presenting an overview of these events. Grant Hermanson for video recording the conference speakers.

Photo of convention attendee asking a question.

American Atheists for cosponsoring the Aints Game with us, for being the national sponsor of the conference, and for putting up a billboard at University Ave. and Fairview Ave. in St. Paul.

American Atheists staff members Dave Silverman, Amanda Knief, Teresa MacBain, A.J. Johnson, and especially Stuart Bechman, who was our main liaison.

The speakers, who gave generously of their time and talents: Dave Silverman, Hector Avalos, Jessica Ahlquist, Ayanna Watson, Robert Price, Teresa MacBain, PZ Myers, and J. Anderson Thomson.

And finally, and most importantly, everyone who attended the baseball game and conference!

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