Victory Declared in War on Christmas!

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By August Berkshire

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Christmas continues to become more diluted and secularized. Consider the following:

• Jewish and Muslim holidays have retained their religious meaning precisely because their followers have not tried to foist them on the rest of the public.

• People are becoming more aware of the pagan origins of Christmas.

• The percentage of Americans who are Christian continues to decline. With the increase in atheists and Muslims, polite Americans do their best not to alienate others with sectarian words like “Christmas”.

• Competing celebrations are becoming more visible, such as Chanukah, Kwanzaa, and Solstice parties..

• Retail stores, which are now the drivers of this holiday, are more likely to wish people “Happy Holidays” than “Merry Christmas”.

• Many stores, restaurants, and movie theaters are open on December 25th. The day is just like any other day.

• While we get presents from Santa Claus and from our parents, relatives, and friends, has anyone ever opened a present that had a label from “God” or “Jesus”?

• Upbeat secular holiday songs like “Jingle Bells” and “Winter Wonderland” are more popular than somber religious songs like “Silent Night” and “Away in a Manger”.

• Parties at our places of employment never occur on December 25th and are more likely to be called “Holiday” parties than “Christmas” parties.

• With divorce and remarriage being more common, different parties on different days are also more common.

• And finally, even conservative FOX TV had a Holiday party in 2012, not a Christmas party.

The War on Christmas is over, and the secular and multicultural forces have won.

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