Celebrate the Day of Reason: One Nation Indivisible

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U.S. flag printed on a t-shirt with "One nation indivisible" above and MNA website below.

On Thursday, May 2, 2013, from noon to 1:00 pm, Minnesota Atheists and other organizations that recognize the need for separation of state and church will be observing the Day of Reason at the Minnesota State Capitol Rotunda. This year’s theme is One Nation Indivisible.

Speakers will include: Eric Jayne, President of Minnesota Atheists, Scott Lohman of the Humanist of Minnesota, Blake Page from Military Religious Freedom Foundation and David Pacheco, with Americans United for Separation of Church and State. Masters of Ceremony and presenters will include George Kane and Heather Hegi. The committee chair for Day of Reason is Steve Petersen.

The theme, One Nation Indivisible, makes the point that government should respect all points of view and not endorse one sectarian view over any other. The Pledge of Allegiance has changed over the years to reflect the tyranny of a religious majority over a non-religious minority. Our event will honor our secular Constitution and secular veterans who took an oath to protect it. The Day of Reason celebration, “One Nation Indivisible,” will have speakers on the benefits of secular governance. Those who want will recite the secular Pledge of Allegiance, and Minnesota Atheists will give Certificates of Appreciation to Veterans who will have the majority of the time to speak on their personal views.

Our 2013 t-shirt design also reflects our Day of Reason theme. The blue shirt with red lettering and white trim is available at some of our events for $6.66. Shirts will also be available at our online store. If you don’t see the shirts in our online store now, check back because they will be available there shortly. Be sure to check out the other items available at our store including Mr. Paul and Ms. Paula Aints t-shirts, Atheist Voices of Minnesota books, and tickets to our upcoming conference in August!

If you are a veteran and would like to be a part of this event or if you know someone else who may be interested in receiving recognition have them call 651-484-9277 or email Steve Petersen at spetersen175@gmail.com. This is a family friendly event. Children are welcome, and even encouraged, to attend this educational event. Tours of the capitol may be available following the event (visit http://www.mnhs.org/places/sites/msc/featured.html for more information about tours). Banners and signs are also welcome, just remember that the sign or banner must be hand held: no sticks are allowed in the Capitol.

For parking information, visit http://www.admin.state.mn.us/pmd/maps/public_disabled.pdf

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