Minnesota Atheists: The Next Generation of Leadership

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By Steve Peterson

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For our June taping of the Atheists Talk cable television show, Minnesota Atheisits president Eric Jayne and Minnesota Atheists chair Heather Hegi joined host George Kane to discuss Minnesota Atheists: The Next Generation of Leadership.

Both Eric and Heather bring a fresh point of view to Minnesota Atheists and they discuss how they want to move the organization forward as it continues to grow while reamining relevant to members of all ages.

The Atheist Talk cable television show is created by George Kane, Brett Stembridge, Shirley Moll, Steve Petersen, Wendy Steinberg, Grant Hermanson, and Art Anderson.

If you have an idea for our Atheists Talk cable television program, or if you have a public access television station in your community and would like to be a sponsor, please contact me at spetersen175@comcast.net or 651-484-9277. We would especially like to be back on in Duluth, Mankato, and Moorehead. Sponsorship is easy to do and you would be helping to bring the atheist voice to your community.

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