Top Ten Reasons to Buy Mr. Paul – Ms. Paula Aints

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Photos of MNA members in Aints gear

10. Merchandise is available in Mr. Paul and Ms. Paula versions and in both black and white.

9. Hats and T-shirts are available for the low price of $15.

8. You get your choice of two Aints items, hats and shirts, for the discounted price of $25.

7. You can personalize your own authentic, stitched Mr. Paul Aints jerseyfor only $69.

6. The 2013 version of the Mr. Paul and Ms. Paula Aints logo features the scarlet atheist “A

5. This is your unique opportunity to showcase your atheist pride with stylish and sporty fashion.

4. There is a very limited supply of Aints items so once they’re gone, they’re gone for good.

3. Your purchase directly helps Minnesota Atheists with operating costs and Saints sponsorship fees.

2. We make it easy for you to order at

1. Mr. Paul / Ms. Paula Aints items are fun. The baseball game is fun. Atheists are fun. And fun is good!  

The special group rate tickets to the Mr. Paul Aints game are available at  After you go through the Captcha screen you’ll want to type the word “atheists” to get your group rate discount.

Mockup of front and back of Aints jersey. Logo on the front. Back has name (Smith) and the number 7.
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