Day of Reason! Thursday, May 4th

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Photo of August Berkshire at a podium in the state capitol rotunda addressing a seated and standing audience.

Join us in the State Capitol Rotunda where we will hear from several groups and state representatives standing together for Reason! We will together be Celebrating the National Day of Reason, a protest instituted against the National Day of Prayer, which are both held annually on the first Thursday in May.

This year’s theme for the Minnesota Day of Reason is Protecting the Wall. Jefferson’s wall that is; the constitutional wall separating government and religion. This metaphoric wall is key to religious and non-religious liberty. When government gives preference to one religion over others, that religion becomes part of the government. This results in a more theocratic rule of law than Democratic.

The Jefferson idea is to allow as much freedom of conscience as possible without government establishing a religious or non-religious preference and therefore allowing freedom of the individual to prevail over government censorship or preference. A secular government allows the individual to be free to choose their religion or non-religion without the weighty hand of government giving partiality.

So please, join us over the lunch hour as we stand up for the Separation of Church and State! Actually, standing is not required, we will have seats. Signs are welcomed, but as with all these things, do not mount your sign to a stick, pole, or anything that could be construed as a weapon.

Here’s the link to our Facebook event page with more details: Minnesota Atheists Day of Reason Facebook event page

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