January 21st, listen to LGBT rights activist, Marissa McCool

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You are invited to the January Public Meeting of Minnesota Atheists. 

We will start at 1:15 PM with our Business Meeting and our annual Board Nominations. At 2:00 PM we welcome our featured speaker LGBT rights activist Marissa McCool.

Marissa is an atheist, LGBT rights activist and speaker, multiple podcast host, author, columnist, and stage performer whose goal is to speak out, speak loudly, and bring visibility to LGBT issues.

Marissa came out as a trans woman in the midst of the 2016 election and kicked down the closet door by screaming in a hate pastor’s face and publishing a visceral reaction to the circumstances. In the last year, she has published five books, started a nonprofit for trans content creators, hosted podcasts, and has traveled all over the country.

Marissa has authored a total of nine books, including The PC Lie: How American Lives Decided I Don’t Matter, False Start: A Novel, Silent Dreams, and her newest novel Voice in the Dark. As host of the Inciting Incident podcast, she begins conversations on difficult topics in current events.

In addition to many different interviews, such as with Noah Lugeons, Karen Garst, Dan Arel, and Chris Kluwe, to name a few, she hosts individual topics and conversations about LGBT rights, transgender visibility, suicide and mental health awareness, and the myths of PC Culture.

At the January Public Meeting, we will hear more about her story and her insights. An important takeaway will be that, as atheists, we are not immune to toxic cultural influences in regard to how marginalized communities are treated. As freethinkers and critical thinkers, we must always challenge our preconceptions. We hope you will join us for this insightful presentation by Marissa Alexa McCool.

Accepting Nominees to the 2018 Board of Directors

Nominations will open and close on during the Business Meeting, before the featured speaker. Minnesota Atheists holds elections for the Board of Directors every year. The board of directors consists of: president, associate president, chair, associate chair, secretary, treasurer, and three directors-at large. All positions are up for election with a couple board members glad to refrain from running if someone else runs for their position. If you are interested or would like to know more about a board position, please contact Heather Hegi at chair@mnatheists.org or any other board member.

To be nominated one needs to be nominated by other dues paying member while nominations are open. The nominee does not need to be present to be nominated. To be eligible for office, the nominee must have been a dues paying member for at least one year prior to the date of assuming office, Director-at-Large nominees must have been a member for 6 months prior instead of one year. If you’re interested in being on the board but do not meet these qualifications, consider getting your dues in now so you may qualify next year!

The Elections will take place on February 18th during the February Business Meeting before the featured speaker. The new board will take effect on March 1, 2018.

Schedule, come for a portion or come for it all:
1:00–1:15 PM: Social
1:15–1:45 PM: Business Meeting and Board Nominations
1:45–2:00 PM: Break
2:00–3:30 PM: Marissa Alexa McCool’s Presentation
4:00 PM: Dinner at a nearby restaurant

Facebook event page can be found here: https://www.facebook.com/events/397928047317762/

Find Marissa on Twitter here: @RisMcCool

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