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This is the time of year when lots of nonprofits will ask you donate. We’d like to do something a little different and ask you to become a member or renew your membership.

What’s the difference?

  • Members can nominate and vote for our board members. Nominations will happen at our January public meeting, and the election will be held in February.
  • Members can hold officer positions on the board after one year of membership or at-large positions after six months. (We haven’t always notified people of lapsed memberships well. If your membership has been lapsed less than a year, you may backdate it to qualify for office.)
  • Members may vote on bylaws changes.
  • We’re happy to build community for non-members, but when we advocate for nonbelievers, politicians and organizations don’t care who comes to our meetings or participates in our Facebook group. They want to know how many paid members we have. With a new state Secular Government Caucus, we have advocacy opportunities we didn’t have before.

So please, while you’re thinking about nonprofits at year’s end, consider joining Minnesota Atheists. You can read more about what your membership fees support here.

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