Atheists Talk

There was atheist media in Minnesota before there was Minnesota Atheists. Atheists Talk began as a public-access cable program in 1989 under the Minnesota chapter of American Atheists. When the chapter disbanded in 1991, Minnesota Atheists was formed, and the cable program continued under the wing of the new organization. It ran until 2019.

In 2008, Minnesota Atheists determined there were enough volunteers to support a radio show in addition to the cable program. Also called Atheists Talk, this show debuted on KTNF-AM 950 in January 2008, when the station was still an Air America affiliate. With changes to the advertising market, Atheists Talk moved off the air and to a podcast-only format in early 2020.


Atheists Talk radio and podcast is a communications service of Minnesota Atheists. While Atheists Talk does not always represent the views of Minnesota Atheists, it does seek to embody “positive atheism in action.” We commit to providing reliable information, informed opinion, and diverse humanistic perspectives. Our volunteer producers, hosts, interviewers, and contributors present topics of interest to atheists and secular humanists including, but not limited to, separation of church and state, building nonreligious community, science, religion, skepticism, politics, gender, race, culture, and the arts.

Our show has employed a variety of formats over the years, including debates and radio plays, but has primarily had a talk-show/interview format. You can find the podcast archives here and subscribe through your favorite podcast service.

Television Show

Atheists Talk ran as a public-access cable program until 2019. Shows were filmed in-studio in Minneapolis and shared with cable stations across the state.

Atheists Talk followed a talk-show format. It featured interviews of guests, panel discussions, and the occasional hashing out of philosophical topics relevant to atheists. We are working to build a full archive of the shows on YouTube. You can find more information about guests and shows on our archive page.