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Minnesota Atheists was founded in 1991, when American Atheists closed its state chapters, including the Minnesota chapter. We’ve been busy ever since. Become a member here or read on for a taste of what we offer our members and the public, and discover why we’re one of the oldest and largest regional atheist groups in the U.S. 

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Fun and Companionship for All  

Photo of attendees seated in the picnic pavilion.

As atheism becomes more accepted in the U.S., more people can be vocal in their disbelief without losing ties to friends and family, but there are still those who find themselves cut off when they open up to others. Even those of us who remain close to their religious loved ones sometimes need a little time away from it all.  

Through the Minnesota Atheists page at, we offer activities to appeal to nearly everyone. Want to join a book club, attend a lecture, picnic in the park, see a movie, play some games, volunteer your time, or just have dinner and maybe a drink with like-minded people? We’ve got you covered. If you don’t find a meetup there that suits your interests, talk to an organizer about setting one up!  

Political Activism  

Several representatives speaks at Day of Reason in 2018.

Religious leaders have had special access to the halls of government and the ears of the press for decades. They’re already seen as leaders with important points of view to contribute. Atheists still have to work harder to be heard. 

Minnesota Atheists maintain official positions on several political issues. While not a lobbying organization, we do take a stand on undue religious influence in our political process. We’ve filed amicus briefs and testified before the state legislature. We’re working to change Minnesota law to provide atheist and secular humanist groups the same right to recognize marriage celebrants that religious organizations now enjoy.  

For several years, we’ve organized a Day of Reason event in May to provide a counterpoint to Day of Prayer events. We’ve met with and heard from legislators who support the separation of church and state and hosted our own speakers making the case for secularist government. 

Public Education 

Photo at Juneteenth booth.

We march in the Minneapolis Pride Parade and table at events throughout the year. Our members speak about religious skepticism at schools and libraries. We supply members to churches for educational outreach. We work very hard to make sure atheists and others questioning their religious faith know they’re not alone.  

We run the Atheists Talk radio program Sundays at 9 a.m. on KTNF, AM 950. When many stations run church services, we offer an alternative. We cover science, politics, philosophy, music, art, and more from an atheist perspective. Our presence on the radio is currently on hold, but you can still find Atheists Talk as a podcast at

Community Action  

Photo of donors in MNA shirts around one donor in the process of giving.

We know there’s no deity to step in and save us. We have to act if we want change, and we have an excellent track record for action. We’ve fed homeless and food-insecure families, cleaned up our highways, run food and toiletries drives, and raised hard cash for other local nonprofits to put to use. We were named Foundation Beyond Belief’s volunteer Team of the Month in March 2015. 

In 2019, we teamed up with American Atheists to launch our Week of Action, full of fundraising and volunteering. Find our volunteer opportunities on or contact us if you have an event in mind that suits our mission.  

Member Education  

The Minnesota Atheist keeps our members up to date on everything we’re doing. Make sure you don’t miss events that interest you. Read reviews of new books of interest to atheists. Keep an eye on your elected board. Find out what political issues are relevant at the local, state, and national levels.  

At our monthly business meetings, we bring in special guests to entertain and inform. We hosted regional conferences with American Atheists in 2012 and on our own in 2013 and 2014. In August 2015 and 2018, we teamed up with local and national groups to run the Secular Women Work conferences to train activists. 

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Minnesota Atheists is your voice in the community. The atheist perspective can be ignored, but our voice is strong. Together, we are building a community of people who value the contributions of science, find happiness in helping others, and seek to keep the state and church separate. When you join, you become a member of a greater whole. When we approach leaders with issues, your membership adds to our collective voice and we are sure to be heard. Without your help, we are in danger of being ignored. 

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We also maintain targeted funds for additional donations: a fund to support Atheists Talk, a fund toward lease or purchase of a building, and a fund to support our outreach.