Board Strategy & Initiatives

In late 2018, the board met to develop short- and long-term strategies for Minnesota Atheists. Goals were set for two-year, five-year, and ten-year accomplishments as follows. Since that point, we have used our March monthly meeting to discuss our progress and priorities with the membership.

We made good progress on nearly all these goals in 2019, then ran into challenges in 2020 as the pandemic redefined what it means to work in community for a local organization like ours. In 2021, we look to produce new and updated sets of goals, as well as produce a report on what we’ve accomplished to date.

Two-Year Goals

  • Increase dues paying membership by 50% of current
  • Inventory state legislator contacts
  • Create activism committee
  • Have six person social media team actively posting
  • Simplify and overhaul the website (50 man hours)
  • Define ongoing membership perks – update/create benefit pamphlet
  • Create organizer handbook
  • Determine goal accountability
  • Define roles and responsibilities – meetup, board members, periphery
  • Implement comprehensive NPO
  • Create endowment language and present to membership
  • National liaisons established

Five-Year Goals

  • Increase dues paying membership by 100% of current
  • Explore digital newsletter vs. print (paper as an extra cost)
  • Finalize comprehensive NPO
  • Develop three speakers that have given at least three talks
  • Participate in five public activist events
  • Have a half full audience at the cable program filming
  • In every one work group have a member that has been involved for less
    than three years
  • Have at least two fundraising events that raise at least 10K
  • Have active building committee with detailed action plan presented to
  • Participate in up to three ongoing collaborative community/charity events

Ten-Year Goals

  • Increase dues paying membership by 200% of current
  • Co-host at least five public facing events (visibility, fundraising, etc.)
  • Have $200K in building fund
  • At least four more fundraising events that raise at least 10K
  • Have at least five members in national speakers bureau
  • Send representatives to at least 10 conferences
  • Have 20 “certified” active organizers
  • Have a professional staffer
  • Defeat robot overlords