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Minnesota Atheists Speaking Against Religious-Based Blue Laws

Minnesota Atheists testified on March 16th at the State Capitol in favor of repealing the blue law that forced liquor stores to be closed on Sundays, Thanksgiving, and Christmas, and to close early on Christmas Eve.  This is some of the press coverage we received: Duluth News Tribune Capitol News

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Challenging the Deepest Beliefs

Minnesota Atheists president encourages discussion between those with different views Reposted from the MSU Reporterby Nia Jonesz August Berkshire, president of the Minnesota Atheists, will present “The Top 12 Excuses Religious People Give for the Horrible Behavior of their God” at 7 p.m. Wednesday in Centennial Student Union 284 at Read more…

Photo of two stacks of bundled newspapers

Minnesota Atheists Member PZ Myers on Creationism

Reprinted with permission.U of M Morris prof: You got creationism in my zoologyBy Emily Kaiser, City Pages, December 24, 2008 When University of Minnesota-Morris biology professor PZ Myers heard that the Cincinnati Zoo and the infamous Creation Museum were offering a joint ticket deal to lure in customers, he took Read more…