No Bell Ringing or Red Kettles: Fundraiser for Foundation Beyond Belief

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Forgo the army of bell-ringers, red kettles, and faith-based charities which are too concerned with misguided bible-based morals and ideas of salvation. Consider, instead, making a financial donation to Minnesota Atheists and/or Foundation Beyond Belief who acknowledges that there’s no supernatural power to make this world a better place. They know that it’s up to humanity, itself, to improve this world and this life.

Minnesota Atheists has benefitted from the efforts of Foundation Beyond Belief (FBB) and their 100+ affiliates by helping bolster our volunteer service projects at a local homeless shelter, food bank, hospital, and more. Because of their ongoing support and incredible work they do locally, nationally, and globally, Minnesota Atheists set up a Razoo account for an end of the year charitable fundraiser to help support FBB so they can carry out their mission: To demonstrate humanism at its best by supporting efforts to improve this world and this life, and to challenge humanists to embody the highest principles of humanism, including mutual care and responsibility.

Besides helping Minnesota Atheists with projects that includes purchasing food for monthly meals prepared by our volunteers at the Family Place shelter in St. Paul, FBB has funded education in Cambodia, Pakistan, Uganda, India, the United States, and nine countries in sub-Saharan Africa. They helped improve access to health care for marginalized populations on four continents, and supported populations at risk after disasters both natural and human in their origins.

FBB has supported efforts to fight global warming and protect biodiversity. They’ve helped open a new school for girls in Pakistan and funded a four-year college scholarship for indigenous Guatemalans. They’ve added humanist voices and dollars to the fight for LGBT rights, empowered adoptions, helped feed the hungry, and worked to protect the most vulnerable – refugees in war, victims of torture, women under threat of violence, political asylees, people struggling with addiction, and those seeking dignity at the end of their lives.

They seek the best expressions of non-secular worldviews and have funded effective, non-proselytizing charities.

Their Beyond Belief Network has put humanist compassion to work with over 90,000 volunteer hours in 60 cities across the US, from AIDS hospices and food pantries to blood drives and environmental protection projects. And they’ve raised over $900,000 to fight blood cancers through the Leukemia Lymphoma Society.

There’s no supernatural power to make this world a better place. It’s up to us. Foundation Beyond Belief is humanity at work.

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