The 2013 May Day Celebration

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Photo of marchers in parade wearing MNA logo shirts. Sign (Curb your dogma) prominent in the foreground.

Twenty-five people helped with our booth or marched with us at the May Day festival in Minneapolis on May 5th. The predictions for nasty weather didn’t come true and it was a nice, sunny day instead. Most of us wore this year’s Minnesota Atheists’ patriotism-themed t-shirts that have the message “One Nation Indivisible” on back.

Photo of MNA marchers interacting with crowd on the sidelines.

As always, the crowd cheered as we marched and we collected names of many interested people at our booth. Thanks to the following atheists for helping us: Josiah Anderson, August Berkshire, Dave Bradley, Caroline Brunner, Jack Caravela, Bernadette Chlebeck, Phil Cunliffe, Patrick Currier, Greg Hart, Heather Hegi, Sarah Hertz, William Hodgson, Joseph Homrich, Daniel Jensen, George Kane, Jacqueline Larsen-Burda, Shirley Moll, Kristin Oman, Juli Anne Owens (and dogma-free dog Lily), David Perry, Steve Petersen, Les Stordalen, Mike Toft, Richard Trombley, and Rachel Wilson.

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