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We are looking to create a compilation video of several members reading our ‘elevator pitch’. If you are interested in participating, please record yourself reading the paragraph below to the camera (either to a webcam or selfie-style is fine). After you are done, please send the video (or a link) to Ben Blanchard at
Thank you for your effort and your support.

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We are Minnesota’s oldest and largest atheist organization. While some hold their atheism to be merely the absence of belief, we consider atheism to be a positive force. We create a community to welcome secularists and those who may have lost social support along with their faith. We advocate for secular interests to the public and government. We serve as a resource for people who have questions about secularism and atheism. We help organize nonbelievers to create the world we want to live in. We do all of this as a fully volunteer run organization and can only accomplish what we do with the fiscal and other contributions of our members.

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